Inge van Bruggen

Inge van Bruggen

About my studio

As my tagline states I aim to find creative solutions in the form of patterns and prints for textile and interior surfaces. The solutions can be an answers to all kinds of challenges, spatial or otherwise.

These are some examples of possible challenges:

  • Your interior could be in need of a better atmosphere and improved acoustics. The solution can be a bespoke wall tapestry design that accomplishes to add atmosphere and a different spatial feel while at the same time improving the sound quality.
  • You could have an environment in which you want to add identity. Instead of trying to find the perfect item to complete it, design it with me. You could have a custom carpet or an piece of furniture with custom upholstery fabric that represents a personal story or your brand identity.
  • You could have an office space that needs a brand identity layer.  I could do an overall themed design ranging from carpets, wallpaper and upholstery fabric to graphic layers for glass office walls.  All of this can be centred around your companies services or brand.

I do a lot of free work centred around my love of all things underwater and my love of three dimensionality and space. These pieces are available for licencing and buying out right. I am also available to do work on commission.

Last but not least I sometimes do limited edition product lines that I sell in local shops. Check the ‘news’ section for the latest products and shop locations.

  Mola Mola - Sunfish

Mola Mola - Sunfish

About me

My name is Inge van Bruggen. I work out of my studio based in the lovely, almost seaside, town of Haarlem. In 2015 I founded Studio Mola Mola as a means to combine my loves for interior architecture, creative problem solving and free hand drawing.

From as far back as I can remember I have always been drawing and making things.  I started out my professional creative life as a designer graduated from Eindhoven Design Academy in 1999. While working in interior design my fascination with architecture grew. I further educated myself in interior architecture, acquiring the title of interior architect from Utrecht Art Academy in 2007. Working as an architect allowed me to fully enjoy solving the challenges that designing in existing spaces inevitably bring. (you can see my projects at In 2015 I decided to steer my creative career back to my first two loves, drawing and design. Now I had to solve the creative challenge of how to incorporate the experience I had built up as an architect with drawing and design. This became Studio Mola Mola!

About the Mola Mola

The large, round, somewhat clumsy, Mola Mola fish derives its name from the Latin word for millstone. It was given its common English name ‘sunfish’  because of the animals habit of sunbathing at the surface of the water.

Ever since my first scuba dive I have been fascinated by fish and underwater life. The colours and patterns and characters of fish give me endless inspiration. That I chose a marine animal as my logo especially one that enjoys the sun as much as I do, is no surprise